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Welcome to Blantyre's Ain Website...

Blantyre's Ain Website... Enjoying Blantyre's rich Heritage and colourful history, Blantyre, Lanarkshire

Serving you better... and putting Blantyre on the World Wide Web!

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Birth place of the famous Explorer and Missionary, David Livingstone, Blantyre offers a myriad of historical events and characters that can stretch the imagination.

Besides Livingstone, we have many famous characters that walked the streets of our village and left their mark. Such as Lord Blantyre, Frances Teresa Stuart, David Dale, Major John Ness, Col John Clark Forrest, Andrew McAnulty and many many more.

We have also been blessed with more of our fair share of famous Sportsmen such as Jimmy Brownlie, Alex Menzies, Jimmy Carabine, Adam Little, Ken McKinlay, Tommy Miller and many more to be found within these pages.

You only have to go for a pint in any of the numerous Pubs and listen to the yarns about the old times and the debates about where the oldest house is, or the origin of the name, "Blantyre".

You can go down 'Memory Lane,' for a minute or so by visiting Pictorial History of Auld Blantyre.

You can take time out and relive your childhood by reading the many Poems about Blantyre and Poems about Miners.

Kids can have a safe haven and lots of fun in the Kids Korner and even have live chat with their friends.

And, what is probably quite unique, Residents of Blantyre can have their families Memorial posted in In Loving Memory complete with a photograph of the Headstone, for all the world to see. This means that families abroad can "visit" the graveyard and pay their respects by logging on to the site.

Useful Numbers is where to go to find a telephone number for a service in Blantyre that you may not know the name of. Simply scroll down 'till you see the description that best suits what service you are looking for.

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The purpose of this web site, Bla'an'tir's Ain Website, is to create some local spirit and give the community a voice and focal point. Residents are invited to visit the Blantyre Forum and air their views about whatever they like.

Finally, this web site could not exist if it were not for the sponsorship, predominately by Ex-Pats, which helps to cover the running costs. So, if you enjoy the site, please make a Donation.

We hope that you enjoy your web site and you are invited to recommend any resources or features you would like to be included within these pages.


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